Optimized Mix Reactor

Andigen Ag’s Flagship Product

Our Anaerobic Digester technology, the Optimized Mix Reactor (OMR) is a product that comes from years of designing, installing, and operating High Rate Anaerobic Digesters.

We are always searching for the best balance of operational efficiency, ease of operation, and biological maximization.

Our OMR digester technology is the best yet!  

With this high-rate digester, we have found harmony in all of these areas. We will maximize the efficiency of your installation and investment with this high rate (5-7 day HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time)) Anaerobic Digester.

We are able to work with almost everything that is biodegradable anaerobically. The OMR is a sure fit for most products and waste streams.

Not all digesters are created equal, and we have worked with most varieties.

While most digesters can do some of the jobs, few of the available systems are optimized for maximum economic and biological potential.

This leads to significantly longer HRTs which means bigger, less efficient digesters to handle the same capacity. These other systems require higher initial capital costs and more ongoing operational costs to do the same job.

This is not our first high-rate digester.

We started many years ago designing and installing Induced Bed Reactor (IBR) digesters. We learned over the years how to optimize these high rate systems and make them work in the real world.

Our new OMR design is the next generation of Anaerobic Digestion that has found the balance between maximizing bacterial productivity and operational ease.


Innovative, Robust, and simple to operate and maintain

Optimized Mix Reactor

  • Next evolution of Anaerobic Digestion! 
  • Harmony between bacteria maximization and operational ease.
  • More efficient means it can get a similar 50 to 60% reduction of volatile solids in a digester that is up to 75% smaller in total volume.  Smaller anaerobic digester = smaller CAPEX and OPEX costs! You will save money!
  • OMR’s handle sludge materials better! Fewer solids build up in the bottom of the anaerobic digester vessel. This reduces maintenance and operational cost dramatically.


Heat Exchanger

  • The most efficient heat exchanger for Anaerobic Digestion 
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Reduced Clogging



Heat Exchanger

A Better Solution

Heating thickened sludge has proven to be a difficult task with most off the shelf heat exchangers. We were forced to design and build an efficient heat exchanger solution.

Our Heatrecover heat exchanger systems are robust, efficient, and easy to maintain. If plugging ever happens they are easy to unplug and return to service.

It doesn’t take many times cleaning up a clogged heat exchanger filled with manure to motivate you to come up with a better solution.

Our Heatrecover heat exchangers are a better solution.

Our heat exchangers are pre-engineered for your location and available for individual sale. They are included in all of our digester packages.

Nutrecover S30

Conditioning Drum

The Nutrecover S30 is an innovative way to condition anaerobic digester effluent.

The Nutrecover S30 removes additional moisture from Anaerobic digester effluent with or without heat. It also captures and binds nutrients to produce a unique nutrient-rich soil amendment.

The patent-pending technology is innovative; robust, and simple to operate and maintain.

The Nutrecover S30 will provide an excellent soil amendment by-product that can increase revenues on your project.

They also provide for reduced capital costs and lower operating expenses than any comparable equipment on the market.

Other current effluent treatment processes lose up to 70% of available nutrients.

The Nutrecover S30 involves a proprietary process that provides the conditions necessary to reduce long-chain hydrocarbon compounds and nitrify the nitrogen into its NO form which is captured in the remaining solids.

This provides a more valuable soil amendment product that can be sold. 

Another benefit of the Nutrecover S30 is the additional drying of the effluent stream that happens in the unit.

Because of the active biological process and the design of the Nutrecover, additional natural drying occurs. We normally see an additional 10 to 15 percent moisture reduction in the effluent with the system without adding heat.  

Additional heat can be added if more drying is desired for your end product.


Conditioning Drum

  • Less cost than all other conditioning or drying drums. 
  • Fixes the nitrogen into its NO form so that it doesn’t evaporate away.
  • Continues to dry effluent to make it more valuable.




  Andigen Ag. capabilities and technologies refined through experience!

Project Management:

  • Guidance from pre-conception to ongoing management
  • Project feasibility, engineering, construction, Equipment sales, plant management, consulting, trouble-shooting
  • AD plant optimization.
  •  Biologic maximization.
  • Ongoing plant operation and maintenance.
  • Commercialization of the additional by-products provided by our processes.


Project Management

Experience is our most valued tool

We have been designing, installing, and operating the most advanced Anaerobic Digestion plants in the world since 2001.

We are involved in every step of the process from idea initiation to operating and running a fully functional plant.

We have worked with government entities, universities, engineers, financiers, farmers, ranchers, dairymen, food producers, and many others to install the best system for our client’s business and location.

Our job is to design, engineer, financially evaluate, permit, optimize associated equipment, manage projects with general contractors, train, operate, etc.

We always use local businesses, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers whenever appropriate.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and no two projects will be the same.

Give us a call and we can talk about your project and its possibilities.



We Will Optimize Your Systems

Through our years in the school of hard knocks, we have learned a thing or two.

What truly makes a master at something isn’t just all the things he can do but sometimes; more importantly, he has learned what not to do.

Let us share our knowledge of how to make Anaerobic Digesters efficient and profitable.

It doesn’t matter if you have just started with your AD plant or you have been running it for decades.

Our experience and coaching can help optimize your system.

We also may be able to add some additional/better revenue streams to your project as well.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
– Wayne Dyer



  • Problem-solving
  • Plant efficiency
  • Biologic optimization
  • Digestate commercialization
  • Increased gas production
  • Rec/Rin/Carbon Credit maximization